Coldplay is officially the headliner at the Super Bowl halftime show this year. But as soon as it was confirmed that Beyonce would join them as a special guest… well… you know. You. Know.

Beyonce doesn’t back up anyone.

B was rehearsing at USC yesterday and according to E!, "her dancers were dancing and rehearsing. They blocked everything down and the windows so nobody could see."



Beyoncé spotted at USC Hive 🐝🐝 #beyonce #beyhive #USC @beybleedblue @b.b.homemaker

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Dancers? HER dancers?

Of course. Her dancers, her stage. You didn’t think she’d just take a microphone, sing a few bars, and let Coldplay own the way, did you? If Beyonce’s bringing dancers, it means Beyonce’s bringing choreography. And if Beyonce’s bringing choreography, it means Beyonce’s taking over. Which is how it should be: the function of Coldplay at the Super Bowl should be that they’re her band.

Here’s what happened when USC students found out Beyonce was on campus. 300 of them showed up to be in her presence and lost their sh-t:



Anyway, in case you missed it the first and second times, this is my recommended Mostly Beyonce With Some Colplay set list at the Super Bowl:

-Open with 30 seconds, no more, of Adventure Of A Lifetime
-The band stands down. Beyonce enters. This should take up at least a minute with wind machine effect, etc.
-Clocks: Beyonce on lead vocals
-Politik: Beyonce on lead vocals
-Hymn For The Weekend: Beyonce on lead vocals
-Viva La Vida: Beyonce on lead vocals and if Bruno Mars wants to pop in here, that’s fine too
-Coldplay exits the stage or hides in the dark. Whatever. Leave spotlight on Beyonce only
-XO, by Beyonce
-Coldplay is allowed to be lit again, but in the background
-Yellow is the closing song: Beyonce on lead vocals

Come on. You can’t deny that on pure entertainment factor – because the halftime show is pure entertainment – more Beyonce is better than more Coldplay.