Sandra Bullock is blonde for her new film Our Brand Is Crisis, currently shooting in Puerto Rico. I thought it was Jennifer Aniston. You?

Our Brand Is Crisis is about US political campaigns in South America, based on the 2005 documentary of the same name. Sandy is a political consultant working for the Bolivian president. Billy Bob Thornton will play Sandy’s strategic adversary who is running the opponent’s campaign. And there’s a George Clooney connection too –he and Grant Heslov are signed on as producers.

There is no release date yet for Our Brand In Crisis. And she hasn’t been in a release this year. Sandy’s been so selective about when she works and what she works on over the last decade. So many of them, no matter their age, get so insecure about not reminding us they’re there all the time. It certainly helps that she’s made her money – a LOT of money. Having a child is obviously a factor. But that’s just part of having an “outside” life. Like, do you think someone like Kate Bosworth has an “outside” Hollywood life? One in which everything she doesn’t do isn’t tied to the hustle?