Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt joined the rest of the Pitts in Springfield, Missouri on Wednesday for a family gathering at a local pizza parlour. Brad’s parents were present, along with his siblings and their spouses and their kids too. All told, including the four children from the First Family of Hollywood, there were 11 children at the big Pitt Party, throwing a major wrench into bottom feeding tabloid reports constantly claiming that Brad’s side, his mother in particular, are no great fans of Angelina.

On the contrary, Brad and Angie and babies are apparently frequently able to descend upon Springfield with very little fanfare. Said his sister in law Lisa:

"We went to the movies last year when they came and people were just so cool. I think they really, really appreciate Springfield."

And still Star Magazine is insisting this week that Brad is about to leave his lover on the eve of the official kick off of awards season on January 7th. A split during campaign season? Please.

The Critics’ Choice Awards will be announced on Monday – Angelina is up for Best Actress.

The Pitts are fine. Trust.


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