Shia LaBeouf’s hero, Brad Pitt John Wayne, greeted him with a kiss to the hand last night at the New York premiere of Fury. As far as we know, the event happened without incident. No drunken outbursts, no fights, no plagiarism.

Would Shia dare when Brad’s around?

It’s an interesting reaction – the response to authority, or perceived authority. Consider Justin Bieber. Who is he afraid of?

The impression here is that all Brad would need to do is to lock his jaw and Shia would file in line. Like we used to be with our parents. All my ma would have to do is look at me with her Chinese laser bitch eyes and it was over. But now they’re saying that kids need gentle discipline and that fear is not the desirable for effective emotion for children, that respect is better. Of course it is. In my family though, fear preceded respect. And I wonder if that’s what led to Shia’s respect for Brad. One day, son, if you play it right, you can wear jeans to a major screening too.