The last we talked about the A Star Is Born it was Clint Eastwood directing Bradley Cooper and Beyoncé and I was in. So in. Click here for a refresher. Clint is apparently no longer attached to the project and it will be Bradley making his directorial debut. According to Page Six Beyoncé is definitely committed and there have been rumours that she’s taking acting classes but right now, Coop’s priority is finding new acting roles for himself because this hasn’t been a great year for him professionally. He was on a high to start the year with American Hustle. And then?

Cooper is now trying to squeeze in an acting role before going into preproduction on “A Star Is Born,” but sources said he needs to find the right script that will let him “disappear” into a part and shake off two bombs — chef drama “Burnt” and Cameron Crowe’s “Aloha.”

So let’s go back then to Barbara Walters, who named Bradley Cooper one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of the year. Click here for a refresher. How did that happen? And did it happen because he’s trying to turn it around?

As in most situations with Hollywood and the hyperbole, I don’t think Coop is as fascinating as Barbara’s trying to convince us he is nor do I think it’s as sh-tty as Page Six is making it sound. He’s clearly one of the Warner Bros boys. It’s not like people aren’t calling him back. It’s not like he’s not seeing scripts.

But can he direct himself opposite the Beyoncé in A Star Is Born? Sure. But I’d actually like to see him direct his friend Leo D in A Star Is Born. To me, Leo is best when he’s acting opposite women. When he has to expose himself, make himself vulnerable, not because he’s confronted by a bear and the Canadian temperature but because he’s confronted by relationships, by a woman, in this story, who surpasses him, who no longer needs him. I enjoy him most in those roles – with Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road, with Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby. When he has to have a real conversation with a woman, exposing the very human, very complicated, very grounded issues between lovers and friends. A Star Is Born, in these times, could be a timely “Lean In” story for a generation.