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Casey Affleck Best Actor over Denzel Washington. Or do you prefer Jezebel's headline "F-cking Creep Wins Oscar"?

For the last 13 years, the actor who wins the SAG goes on to win the Oscar. Denzel took the SAG. And Casey broke the trend, killed the streak. Streak breakers, to me, should be special. Do you think Casey Affleck qualifies?

Anyway, Brie Larson presented to Casey last night. And ...was it just us or did she make her Casey face again? It's not like she said his name with any enthusiasm. And even though she hugged him, almost out of professional obligation for the occasion, she had that face on again when he was speaking. Then, when it was over, did you see? She trailed behind him. She didn't bother to walk off stage side by side with him.

So I'm going to assume that that's what Brie thinks of Casey. And I like it a lot.

What I don't love though?



You know what's better than winning? Watching your friends win. @theacademy

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I'm not hearing it from you if you try to tell me this is more subtle shade at Casey because I'd like to save you the trouble of stretching something already so oblique you're not even sure it's there. It's not. A tweet about supporting sexual harassment victims or an organisation that can provide legal counsel for victims? Sure. This?

This is just a mega eye-roll. It's a compliment for herself disguised as happiness for a friend. Look what a good friend I am because I'm happier for her than I was for myself - and let me SHOW YOU WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE ON MY FACE.

So ten pluses and a 3 minuses. She's still ahead. Does the dress move her forward or backward?

I'm going to say forward. In person the velvet here is really luxurious. The only thing that kinda bothered me was the dragon tail ruffle that bisected her down the centre from waist to toe. But I think that's only because I had an overhead to her just above on a balcony. At eye level and when she moves, it's actually not bad at all. Muuuuch better than Alicia Vikander.

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