It was Charlie Hunnam’s birthday yesterday. He’s now 37. On Sunday he and Morgana McNelis were seen out for lunch together in LA. I read somewhere today that they’ve been together now for 12 years. Which, I guess, is why some might say she would understand on the occasion he has to ghost her for a role now and again – because with that kind of history, you presumably have a complete awareness of how that person works, and what s/he might need. I say “I guess” because I’ve been married over 15 years. And if Jacek ghosted me, I’m not sure I would be down with it, no matter how well I know him. I’m not sure any knowledge of a person, no matter how profound, is enough to excuse their cruelty. Cutting off your life partner for months at a time without notice is cruel, there’s no other way to describe it.

But he’s making it up to her with a holiday. I forgot to mention that part when I covered Charlie’s interview with Mr Porter last week. As soon as he’s done promoting The Lost City Of Z and King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword he and Morgana are apparently heading to Thailand for two weeks, although he says, “But I have so much anxiety about the prospect of not working for two weeks”. When I’m not with you, it’s because I’m thinking about work. When I’m with you, I’m also thinking about work.