Here’s a carefree Charlie Hunnam in New York today. He’s been in NY all week. The outfits don’t really change a lot. Coat’s the same, toque’s the same, sometimes he wears sweats, other times he wears jeans. All the time he looks hot. And now we won’t get to see him naked with Dakota Johnson because he pulled out of Fifty Shades Of Grey

Which is where we find Jamie Dornan, the official Christian Grey, on set in the Vancouver rain yesterday shooting a running scene. I don’t love seeing non-athletes run. It’s hard looking good while running, for anyone. Or you turn into Tom Cruise. There. It just clicked didn’t it?

With Jamie though, because his face is really just so handsome, the running gait becomes …well, you don’t notice, do you?

Before or After? What’s your pick?