Charlize Theron is back in LA after spending almost half the year in Africa shooting Mad Max. As you can see, she's growing out her buzz, and naturally. Am assuming that's her natural hair colour? And some grey too? Love that. The lack of vanity, I mean. Although that's easier when you're Charlize Theron.

In October, I reported exclusively that Alexander Skarsgard was spotted visiting her in Namibia and that they were seen out for dinner. Click here for a refresher. No updates since, but he's in LA now too and attended the Zero Dark Thirty premiere last week. If it's still happening, they're being very careful about where and when they're spending time together. My gossip instinct is feeling that they are indeed making it work, and, as opposed to how it was when he was with Kate Bosworth, they're doing a great job keeping it undercover. Which tells you everything about how that Bosworth operates.