Charlize Theron was in Hong Kong yesterday promoting a real estate project. Everyone’s making China money. Look at this dress. The way it takes the light from some angles it looks wet. At other angles it looks like armour. And it’s not just unforgiving, it adds things that aren’t even there. I don’t think I like it.

So it’s been almost 6 months since Charlize broke up with Sean Penn. Sean arrived in Paris today apparently en route to Israel for a conference on Haiti. Remember when Sean showed up at the Madonna concert in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago – click here for a refresher. And now there’s all kinds of speculation about whether or not he and M are getting back together? I think there might be another explanation. Back in August, Sean was seen on a dinner date with actress Emmanuelle Vaugier – click here for a refresher. Sean was in Vancouver, British Columbia on October 14 for the Madonna show. Emmanuelle started working on a new TV movie in Osoyoos, British Columbia the same day. Coincidence or conspiracy?