It’s nice to see Demi Moore stepping out with her daughters so much lately. They were said to be estranged when Demi fell apart after Ashton Kutcher cheated on her and their marriage ended. Last night she seemed healthy and happy at a fashion event with Rumer and Tallulah Willis, who’s had some problems herself this year. That has to be motivation to get your sh-t together, right? When your child needs you?

This summer, Demi was working on a film called Wild Oats with Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange. Shirley plays a widow who gets a $900,000 cheque in error and, instead of returning the money, decides to blow it on a trip with her friends while the authorities are in hot pursuit. They’re saying it’s Thelma & Louise meets The Bucket List.

Three women over 50 headlining a movie? GREAT.

But here’s what sucks about it and this is what they were saying after The Heat and Bridesmaids. That if it doesn’t do well, they’ll be more hesitatant to put the funding into it next time. Which, f-ck, is SO unfair. That pressure is so unfair.