Elizabeth Banks is currently filming the Power Rangers movie, because we live in a world where a big-budget Power Rangers movie exists. Here she is on set as the villain, Rita Repulsa. She looks like a pretty, pretty weed, the very prettiest of all the weeds in the flower garden. I was a little too old for Power Rangers, so I don’t have clear memories of it, but Rita Repulsa didn’t look like this, right? The prettiest weed in the flower garden is a new approach. But the costume is suitably elaborate, as revealed by Entertainment Weekly last week. Many studios now release official shots of characters in costume for movies like this just before they’re going to be filming on location, when they know paparazzi will bust the various super-suits, et cetera. Fun fact.

I see Elizabeth Banks on the set of a Power Rangers movie dressed like a pretty weed and I think—Get it, sister. Banks has made the leap to director with Pitch Perfect 2, and she’s already lined up Pitch Perfect 3 and the Charlie’s Angels reboot. So yeah, be in this very probably terrible movie—I heard the pitch a while back and it was groan-inducingly bad—get paid, and then go be the boss lady on your own movie set. If this is the cosmic quid pro quo that keeps Elizabeth Banks in a director’s chair, I’ll take it.