Word is she’s a sweetheard. And of course she’s incredibly gorgeous. Emily Blunt in Mean Magazine. After her scene-stealing turn in Prada and her Golden Globe win last year, Emily is has now joined the list of elite actresses offered the most prestigious roles. And how.

Emily is scheduled to start shooting The Young Victoria in which she plays Queen Victoria in a film by none other than Martin Scorsese. So Jessica Biel can shake that Shelf Ass all she wants… there is still no way she’s going to ever be even considered the same breath as Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson (who is confirmed for Mary Queen of Scots) and now Emily Blunt.

In the interview, Emily talks about her wish list: she’d love to work with Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett. She also discusses on set behaviour and the Hollywood diva standard that has plagued too many film sets, explaining she’s seen it first hand, how privilege can poison an environment, and how she is determined to avoid it. She goes on to reveal too that she used to have a stutter, taking refuge in the fact that Bruce Willis and James Earl Jones share the same affliction. Emily has since largely overcome it but in moments of stress, her stutter comes back.

Finally, of course, as you know, Emily is living with Michael Buble. They have a home in Vancouver. She says they are low key and ordinary out of the limelight, and she says she has no plans to make her relationship a part of her career. I do hope he treats her right. There have been rumours suggesting otherwise. Nothing slamdunk but smutty details of his tour behaviour are starting to gain momentum. According to those sources he’s quite the player. Ballad crooner acting like a rock star? Never!

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