“"Julia needs a lot of hugging and holding." – Garry Marshall, director of Pretty Woman, on Julia Roberts when she was 23.

23 is when Julia Roberts called off the wedding, just days before she was supposed to marry Kiefer Sutherland. You forget, sometimes, being that she’s become so haughty and sanctimonious, that Julia Roberts was That Girl. She was Jennifer Lawrence AND Kristen Stewart AND everyone in between. She was full court DRAMA. 

If you do remember what was going on with Julia back then, it’s mostly to do with the runaway bride and Jason Patric association. But there is so much more to the story. Her relationship with Sutherland was volatile. Even before the wedding was cancelled, he’d moved out once, and there was some incident with a stripper and she was sneaking around at a resort with Patric and that’s why Patric got uninvited to the wedding. And then Julia had to be hospitalised for 5 days. Oh Gossip Nostalgia. Julia used to give it so good. Is it the kind of thing you can pass on by family?

Emma Roberts is 22. And this week she made news when TMZ broke the story that she’d been arrested for beating up her boyfriend Evan Peters. Dean wrote about it yesterday. Click here for a refresher. Emma too was walking around with some bruises after the scrap. And they’ve released a statement together saying that it was a “misunderstanding” and that they’re both trying to work to get past it. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never misunderstood someone to the point of putting my fist in their nose and teeth in their flesh.

Here’s Emma in New Orleans with Evan on Tuesday, supposedly just after getting the call that their brawl was making headlines. Of course that only reminded me of Julia’s cry face. I love her cry face. She always takes me there when she makes her cry face. Look at this cry face. It’s one of the very best:

So… was Emma crying because she’s embarrassed? Or is she crying because she’s afraid of the wrath of her aunt?