An email came in from Carrol yesterday:

Hello, I was wondering if you know where Ryan Gosling may be living now?

Timely. Here’s Eva Mendes in New York yesterday. Last week she was in Iceland with Ryan Gosling where they’ve been hanging out. Gosling is editing his movie in Reykjavík and they’ve been living together there for weeks. Click here if you’re not a believer. Their apartment is apparently in the old part of town and he’s joined a boxing club and she’s a member at a women’s gym. (Thanks Rakel!)

Eva and Ryan have been officially dating for two years now which is halfway to the amount of time he and Rachel McAdams were together which would mean that next year it’ll be a decade since they hooked up. The Notebook’s 10 year anniversary! What are the chances there will be a movie reunion? About the same as the chances Leonardo DiCaprio wants to revisit Titanic.