I am very excited about Ocean’s 8. The film, as you know, is the femme version of Ocean's Eleven, most recently led by George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Initial rumours had Sandra Bullock playing George Clooney’s sister. Matt Damon is expected to make a cameo though and we learned in the previous Ocean’s franchise that Matt’s character Linus Caldwell is from a family of cons, so I was wondering whether or not Sandra and Matt will be related instead. Question has been answered.

Yesterday the first official still from the film was released with some additional character detail, mostly their names:

Sandra Bullock, Debbie Ocean (OK so she is George Clooney/Danny Ocean’s sister)
Cate Blanchett, Lou
Rihanna, Nine Ball
Mindy Kaling, Amita
Awkwafina, Constance
Helena Bonham Carter, Rose
Anne Hathaway, Daphne Kluger (this will make Duana happy because she loves the name Daphne and we are Anne Hathaway apologists, most of the time)
Sarah Paulson, Tammy

As for the image, the subway setting, it’s fine. But … what’s with the placement of the actors? Specifically, why are the women of colour at the BACK OF THE TRAIN? Can you even see Awkwafina’s face? She might be the least known of the entire cast and I’ll give you that, but by that argument, Rihanna is probably the MOST known of the entire cast. Certainly more known that Sarah Paulson, who I love. But Sarah Paulson is not a household name. Sarah Paulson doesn’t have the name recognition of RiRi. If Billy Eichner ran up and down the street and shoved a microphone in people’s faces asking them to identify the blond in the overcoat, I’m pretty confident at least half of them wouldn’t be able to. And I’m even more confident almost all of them would be able to pick out Rihanna. So even from a sales and marketing perspective this doesn’t make sense. Does it make sense to you why no one would have looked at this and been like… ummm… is this the best positioning for each artist? Let’s see how they adjust for this – or not – when more artwork is released as we move closer to the release.
Ocean's 8 has been shooting for months in New York but the film won’t be in theatres until June 8, 2018. I wonder if they’ll all make a big splash at the MET Gala next year. It kinda works with promotional timing. And a MET Gala heist is part of the story. That would be a great photo – all eight of them on the MET steps.