Those who don’t enjoy Wes Anderson’s films knock it for their preciousness and pretention. Sometimes, yes. But I will defend The Royal Tenenbaums every day. And how can you hate Bottle Rocket? Also, Moonrise Kingdom was one of my favourite movies of 2012. Maybe my favourite movie of 2012. You know what I loved about Moonrise Kingdom? There was an earnest sweetness to the story that felt new. And a lot of joy. You could feel Anderson’s joy for his characters through every scene in the film.

It’s the same with the first trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. Whatever your feelings about his work, there can be no doubt everyone had a great time working on this movie. And when the viewer can feel that, it makes the experience of watching it, even just a preview, FUN. Doesn’t this look like a good time? A quirky good time?

When was the last time you saw Ralph Fiennes act with such …childlike amusement? It’s infectious right? He’s almost giddy! Fiennes might be having a better time than anyone else. And Willem Dafoe too!

Also…some encouragement for fans of Saoirse Ronan. I am a fan of Saoirse Ronan. And I was worried for a while, after, you know, what happened with The Host. But Saoirse in The Grand Budapest Hotel just might make up for it. She’s delightful.