Less than two months to go now to the release of the next Pirates Of The Caribbean movie: Johnny Depp needs money. They screened it at CinemaCon in Vegas yesterday and, according to Variety, the movie was well-received by theatre owners – in particular Johnny Depp’s return as Captain Jack Sparrow. And how they’ve de-aged in for a few scenes. Probably his favourite part in the movie.

No castmembers attended the studio’s presentation of Pirates. But Johnny was seen last night at Lady Gaga’s birthday party. Some are remarking that he looks different. More gaunt? Gaunt I think. And is that police tape around his left wrist? Also the floppiness of that cap is making me crazy. Like he couldn’t have just a pageboy cap. It had to be a hybrid of a pageboy cap and something you have seen on a 17th century French artiste.