If you obsessively follow Gina Rodriguez on social media like I do, you already know that she has a super cute boyfriend she gushes about often. Case in point:


Our first Christmas together and your love has been the greatest gift.

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If this was Kaley Cuoco, I would have thrown up a bit in my mouth at that level of social media PDA but since it’s Gina, I stared at it creepily smiling for way too long.

Gina’s new boyfriend is named Joe LoCicero and they made their official debut as a couple at last night’s SAG Awards. According to PEOPLE, they met on set of Jane The Virgin when he made a cameo as a “Don Quixote-themed stripper.” I don’t remember this episode. I feel like I would remember an episode with a male stripper dressed as Spanish knight. I digress. Gina and Joe are adorable. They served some top notch couple body language on the red carpet. If we’re playing Photo Assumption, my guess is that they’ll be engaged within the year.

When I wrote about Gina Rodriguez at the Golden Globes, I noted that she’s such an award show staple now that we take her for granted. How can we take someone for granted who has this reaction to Meryl Streep? This is really the only appropriate reaction to Meryl. I love it so much.

Gina was also solid as a presenter with John Legend near the top of the show. I don’t know if anyone else caught it but there was a quick moment right before Gina started reading her script where she took a deep breath. It was a heavy night so maybe I’m reading into it but to me, the breath felt like a “OK, we’re here. Let’s get through this together.” Or maybe that’s just what I pretend Gina Rodriguez says to me every night.

As for her dress, I’m not the biggest fan of this spaghetti-strap PatBo number on Gina but her body looks ridiculous so whatever. Plus, she and her boyfriend are so cute it doesn’t matter. Let’s get back to staring at them creepily.