Six months ago, when you thought about Gwen Stefani and what she used to say about her relationship with Gavin Rossdale, you’d recall her song lyrics, right? The pining girl? And also the woman who once said that she wanted her husband to like her more so she’d wear makeup even at home?

Is that what you think of her now?

Or has that girl been replaced with the one who’s been taking it to Gavin, strategically, of course, after their divorce? US Weekly broke the story today about Gavin cheating on her for 3 years with the nanny. And we’ve already talked about where that information might have come from – click here for a refresher.

So this is the Gwen we know now. The one who officially confirmed that she and Blake Shelton are dating TWO HOURS before the Country Music Awards last week. Last week we presumed that Blake was the one playing games with Miranda Lambert. This week it looks like they’ve both been playing games with their exes. Also… Gwen’s getting really particular with her words.

You’ll recall, her publicist issued this statement to US Weekly exactly a week ago today:

“Gwen and Blake are longtime friends who have very recently started dating.”


Yesterday she was on the radio in San Diego and when asked about her “new relationship”, listen to what she said:

So your rep tells us you’re dating Blake. You tell us you’re not in a relationship. Translation: it’s not that serious…yet? Is that how we’re supposed to be reading this?