Harry Styles released his first solo single today, Sign Of The Times. He will be the musical guest when Jimmy Fallon hosts Saturday Night Live (real live in both New York and LA) on April 15. And by the time he finishes singing this song, even by the 3:15 mark when he’s all, “stop your crying, baby, it’ll be alright”, people will be naked. Every woman between 30-55 will have taken her clothes off. Sign Of The Times is a sex symbol-making track.

The song doesn’t suck. I don’t know that it’ll be on constant repeat in my car, but I can’t say it sucks. It’s too long right now at 5 minutes and 40 seconds but also, it’s more forgivable for this kind of song to be that long than it is for a dance track to be this length. I’ve complained about song length before when it’s up-tempo (HI KANYE) because, for me anyway, I want a new beat after 3 minutes, tops. I can handle an extension when it’s a ballad. And Sign Of The Times is kind of a rock ballad.

People were wondering what the Harry Styles sound would be. Whether or not he’d sound like a boy band graduate or if it would be something unexpected. I’m not sure this is unexpected. And it’s as simple as an analysis of his style, his appearance, that Mick Jagger/Keith Richards thing. Sign Of The Times sounds like what Harry Styles looks like, if that makes sense. Some have noted that there’s a Bowie feel to the track. Others will be outraged that Bowie’s name has been invoked. There is definitely a 70s vibe though. As The Guardian described, it’s a song for a Walkman, a song you could imagine hearing then. Which means it’s a song that now-grownups can embrace. I pitched Harry Styles to Duana for the next episode of Show Your Work. Because there were a lot of people putting a lot of thought into how Harry Styles would kick off his career as a solo artist. Did he show his work?


Here's Harry out in London last month after having dinner with friends.