But first...are these shots of Henry Cavill with Joey Fatone cracking you up too? What a random ass conversation. Even Amy Adams seems confused.

Man Of Steel premiered last night in New York. Henry Cavill was there and wearing a pinky ring. Jesus Christ, is it an epidemic? Cavill is like Charlie Hunnam for me in that he looks way better at work, in motion, than he does in a still photo. There’s something very unnatural about him on a carpet. I promise you though, when you see Man Of Steel, you won’t be able to ignore the beauty. He’s not my type, but he’s so gorgeous he transcends type. You don’t have to want him that way to know that his looks are impossibly crazy.

I worry that this is why Gina Carano isn’t there.

Maybe it’s just scheduling.

But as I wrote last week -- click here for a refresher -- I almost feel bad for Henry Cavill for what’s about to happen to him. They are going to lose their sh-t over him. And having a girlfriend, well, it’s not so convenient in that respect, is it?

Maybe it’s just scheduling.

Hopefully it’s just scheduling. Gina Carano is my favourite thing about Henry Cavill. Please don’t let them take that away.