Second time I’ve used “Alpha” in a title today. This one doesn’t seem so… hilarious, does it?

The Jungle Book is due out April 15th. And as Sarah has previously written, it looks amazing. Shere Khan, the imposing tiger boss, is voiced by Idris Elba. He was out in London today, presumably promoting the film. A new clip of Idris intimidating Mowgli was released today too. The voice definitely matches the animation.

Wait. It IS animation, right? Everything looks SO real!

But it all just fits so beautifully, non? The way they’re matching the voices to the tiger’s movements, the tilt of the head, the sly turns of his neck, the flick of his ear as punctuation after he delivers the line “what a grown man can do”, all of it is beautifully rendered. I didn’t think I’d be so excited for this movie. I mean I like animation but, generally, I prefer real people. (Sarah’s probably yelling at me right now for being a classist or something.) My point is that The Jungle Book feels really, really, really special. And it just gave me an excuse to post new pictures of Idris…