So…this appeared on Instagram last night:

See, that’s the kind of gossip I’m talking about. Good Gossip.

Not that we should believe what we read on Twitter and Instagram, of course not. It’s just… a kind of random story for a random person to make up. After all, this user is not the Daily Mail. Also, there is a connection here: The Departed. Also Ben Affleck played poker with Leo’s high roller crew that included an often belligerent Tobey Maguire.

Maybe Leo thinks Matt is square. Maybe Leo thinks Matt is overrated. Maybe Leo thinks Matt is a dumbass for not picking his wife from the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Maybe it’s all bullsh-t and this Instagram person is lying. Or, maybe, they, um, had something in common. Some similar experience and/or experimentation. Maybe one time they got drunk and shared a Cuban cigar. Maybe it’s nothing.

Anna M sent me this for analysis – Matt interviewing Leo interviewing Matt from 2006. Any clues here?