Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are pregnant and engaged. There’s been no confirmation. But I’m not sure we need one? Check out Irina out for lunch in LA yesterday wearing the emerald ring that’s reportedly her engagement ring. And carrying around a large bag of gifts that’s conveniently covering her body so that … I don’t know… we won’t see that she’s carrying Coop’s baby even though she knows that’s what everybody’s been talking about, with respect to her, since the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And, well, some would say she was responsible for that too, because it probably didn’t come from Coop’s people. Yesterday E! News reported that Irina and Coop already know the sex of their child and have already narrowed down their list of baby names.

I’m going to take a guess. Charles, for his dad. Middle name Valyrian both for her father (his name is Valery) and Valyrian steel, because Coop loves Game Of Thrones. Charles Valyrian Cooper. Come on! I think I nailed it. And even if I didn’t nail it I totally think they should take my suggestion. Even the initials look good in a logo: