Every other week someone’s trying to convince you that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are done. I can’t remember who it was last time. Whatever. None of it’s been true. And this weekend, this showed up on Irina’s Instagram:


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I’ve not cut off the top of this photo. That’s actually how she posted the photo. Which is why it’s getting from me the kind of side-eye I gave Leonardo DiCaprio’s front row hockey game performance I posted in today’s open. Let me leverage my Leo-ness to get these seats. But I don’t want you to see me in these seats. F-ck off.

So Coop and Irina are on holiday together. (They go on holiday A LOT together.) We know it’s her. Because we know her breasts. We know, obviously, it’s him. Just show the goddamn face then. Just show the goddamn face.

Like by not showing the goddamn face does that mean they’re not famewhoring themselves? Does that mean you can’t ask them about their relationship? Because they’re not “officially” public? Does breasts but no face mean “private” – on Instagram? F-ck off.