Isabelle Huppert was honoured at the Lumieres Awards last night in Paris. These are referred to as the Golden Globes of France. And you know that Isabelle upset Natalie Portman at the Golden Globes earlier this month in Hollywood. The Oscars of France are the Cesar Awards. Isabelle holds the record for most Cesar nominations. Which is why many call her the Meryl Streep of France. And she was just nominated for her first Oscar this year for her performance in Elle.

As we saw at the Golden Globes, Isabelle likes to win. Can she win at the Oscars? Emma Stone is the presumed favourite. But Isabelle, as mentioned, has the prestige. As Sarah wrote last week, it’s a case of Ingénue vs Icon. The thing about the Oscars though is that the American campaign game is different. You kinda have to be nice. No, wait, I clarify – you have to pretend to be nice. And Isabelle, while she is many things, isn’t that particular brand of nice. I read a delicious interview with her a few years ago in which she, hilariously, tried to describe herself as “sweet” before practically choking on the word and adjusting mid-sentence to “nice”. It’s the French version of nice, referred to repeatedly in the piece as “mystery”. Isabelle has never been here to make anyone comfortable or to be amenable. Rather, as noted in that article, there’s always been the sense that Isabelle is “highly competitive”. And right now, she’s in a race for the Best Actress Oscar.

As you know, Best Actress (and Actor) nominees have always publicly supported each other, said the right things about it being an honour just to be nominated alongside these amazing women (and men). You’ve heard it time and again. Isabelle Huppert though… well…

Do you remember when she was the President of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009? There was major drama that year when, allegedly, at the award ceremony, Isabelle Huppert told festival organisers that she did not want her rival, Isabelle Adjani, to present. Rumour has it, Huppert had a hissy fit about Adjani’s presence, objected to the presence of any other French actresses, and was supposedly “loathed” by other members of the jury, one of whom included Robin Wright (also not the warmest person).

In the end, Isabelle Adjani went home. And Isabelle Huppert got her way.

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