Back in 2008, Jake Gyllenhaal and then Jessica Biel were working on a film called Nailed, directed by David O Russell. They had to shut down production because they financing fell apart. David O Russell ended up stepping away from the project, going on to work on The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. Just think… Mrs Timberlake could have been Jennifer Lawrence.

Finally, the film is being released on VOD first, February 10, and then in theatres February 20. But there  was a key scene that Russell still wanted to shoot and didn’t end up getting the chance to shoot, so the producers and distributors can’t put his name on it. Which is why they’re crediting Accidental Love (the sh-tty new title) to “Stephen Greene”. Who doesn’t exist. What a f-cking mess.

Mrs Timberlake was hoping that Nailed would be her big declaration – to borrow from Jennifer Aniston, “I AM YOUR GO-TO GIRL”. Now, 7 years later, she’s getting her chance… only it’s not the film that anyone was intending to make to begin with.

But Jake Gyllenhaal is very visible right now. He’s on Broadway. He could be nominated for an Oscar. Nightcrawler is getting a lot of love. It’s free publicity.