Jake Gyllenhaal has been performing this week in New York in a production of Sunday In The Park With George. The final show was last night. Theatre critics are in love with him.  According to theatre critics, he sings very, very well. The Guardian says he sings "superbly". And, the New York Times gushed that his singing is so good, it could turn "dabs of paint into shimmer".....what?!

Clearly this is not a case of Hollywood actor just getting by, carried on the voice strength of Broadway veterans. It sounds like Jake sounds like he's got it for real. Which, again, makes him the class of his class. Because he can do drama and comedy and improv and stage and singing on stage and that versatility is why The Atlantic, in a piece about the decline of the American actor last year, declared that he is the best in a generation. Not Leo, not anyone else, but Jake Gyllenhaal.

Here’s audio of Jake singing:

(Thanks B!)