Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dealing with each other for a couple of years now. He's tried to deny it. But US Weekly's been all over the story, reporting that they hook up secretly using aliases and that Katie is super into Jamie. Like in love. Click here for a refresher.

Jamie celebrated his birthday in New York this weekend. Alicia Keys was there, Jennifer Hudson was there, and Katie Holmes was there. Click here to see a few blurry shots. Does that mean they’ve come out to their friends? Does that mean that they’re not undercover anymore?

Because whenever I think about this relationship, it reminds me of The Weeknd’s The Hills, specifically the beginning, Katie singing they lyrics:

You said keep our business on the low-low
I'm just tryna get you out the friend zone
'Cause you look even better than the photos
I can't find your house, send me the info
Driving through the gated residential
Found out I was coming, sent your friends home
Keep on tryna hide it but your friends know

People keep speculating that they’re keeping their business on the low-low because they’re afraid of Xenu and Tom Cruise. What if it’s not that complicated or dangerous? What if it’s simply about a player keeping his options open?