Suicide Squad comes out a week Friday. So the press will keep building and building after the team’s showing at Comic-Con. Yesterday Jared Leto Instagrammed a new photo of himself in character as the Joker. I checked it this morning. Note the third comment, repeated:

“Joker doesn’t take selfies.”


I mean, sure. It’s probably some purist nerd who’s getting territorial over his favourite villain. But there’s something here about how hard Jared is trying to BE THE JOKER. And by now we’ve all heard the stories about how he was terrifying his co-stars with his Joker-ness. Leaving rats or whatever in their trailers, leaving us all wondering – is he truly a sociopath …or is it just an act?

Please. He’s about as “dark and twisty” as Meredith Grey. And nobody was in any doubt about whether or not it was an act. Because “Joker doesn’t take selfies”. Also…

Now that we’ve seen previews of the members of Suicide Squad, now that we’re almost there, the Joker, despite Jared’s efforts, has not emerged as THE ONE. Initially, of course, what with the memory of Heath Ledger and coming off his Oscar win, he arguably generated the most curiosity. But no one’s talking like Jared’s Joker is running away with this thing, especially not when his co-stars are eagerly sharing stories about all his Jokery pranks. Actors are egomaniacs. If they’re taking time out of their own spotlight to talk about someone else, it usually means they’re not threatened.

But we’re supposed to respect the Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Letos of the world, aren’t we? For their extreme dedication to the craft? To that I turn to Sarah and her tweet that blew up yesterday. As Sarah astutely wonders, what if it were a woman running around with buggy eyes gifting carcasses to her colleagues?