Live action Jem? Really?

Duana Posted by Duana at March 21, 2014 17:46:40 March 21, 2014 17:46:40

Jem. Jem is excitement. Jem is adventure. Glamour, glitter, fashion, fame. Check, check, check, check.

Jem was by far the favored game to play at recess when I was a kid, mainly because there were awesome songs to sing approximately every five minutes. I favoured “Hey Babe” myself, but I know you’re supposed to say “Twilight in Paris” is your favourite. (Lainey: OF COURSE IT IS. What are you even talking about!?)

So on the one hand this franchise is being revived, and sure, girl bands and infighting and brightly coloured hair are all pretty relevant to kids today. You can look at Demi Lovato’s last 18 months and see why a Jem revival is a pretty great idea.

But then again, um, it’s being directed by the director of G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Scooter Braun is involved, and why do I feel like the altruism of the foster girls (why couldn’t they have just been orphans? We didn’t understand from fostering when we were kids) is going to get lost in the shuffle somehow? As it happens, the new lead character is in fact supposed to be an orphan.  

But I still don’t know. I, even as a kid, I could see there wasn’t all that much to the episodes.  They had a lot of time for a lot of songs and no ability to make Rio the good guy look different from Eric the bad one. 

I’m not holding my breath here. Forget that they could make the world’s most awesome Synergy.   Forget that they could market the star earrings and I’d probably still buy them. I just don’t believe they can do it right. I mean, who is there out there that could really play Pizzazz? (Lainey: ummm…RIHANNA?!?)

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