Jennifer Aniston taped an appearance on Ellen yesterday that will air today. They talked about that imaginary Friends reunion and Matthew Perry, who’ll be co-hosting Ellen’s show with Ellen in a few days, prompting Jen to, rather disingenuously, offer to do the same. As IF.

Anyway, here’s the clip. Be interested to know what you fixate on during the interview. I fixated on something in particular. Are we the same?

My fixation: her jeans.

They looked like bells, right?

I kept thinking -- stand up, stand UP! So I can see!

You get a better shot of them, and they’re totally Victoria Beckham styles, in this clip below when she’s trying to scare Ellen or something by screaming down the hall. Then she tells Ellen that Justin Theroux scares her all the time by hiding behind the curtains....


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What do those two actually talk about?

The top is great. I love the top. But the jeans, to me they’ll never be flattering, especially not the way they flood the foot.