TMZ was first on this. Now PEOPLE and US Weekly have reported it too – Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are married. It happened last night at their home in Bel Air. There’s been no denial. Would be hard to deny the tents and the catering and the cake and the guests coming in and out and TMZ says there was a pastor seen on the property too.

A Wednesday wedding?

Why not. It’s not like a standard work week works the same way for celebrities. Every day is Saturday. Every night is Friday night. Justin’s birthday is August 10. That’s when he proposed to Jen 3 years ago. So timing it around the same makes sense. And, while they probably couldn’t have foreseen it, the timing in Hollywood is great too. Everyone’s been focused on the opposite – breakups, cheating, and nannies. Everyone’s sourcing energy has been invested into finding out about Ben Affleck’s distractions, Gavin Rossdale’s distractions. No one was paying attention to a possible Aniston second marriage. And … well… a lot of people never expected this to happen.

But as I’ve been saying ever since they got together, ever since the paps miraculously found them with the engagement ring in New Mexico…

… I’ve said that Jen has found a partner to play with, this Hollywood game. And because I love this game, Jen and Justin got married on the same day Angelina Jolie released photos of her and Brad Pitt on set of By The Sea. Click here for a refresher. Coincidence or conspiracy? Celebrity timing is my favourite.

And now…we wait for the dress. Will we ever see it? Will it be a PEOPLE exclusive? Or is that considered tacky now? Well… Brange did it last year. George Clooney too.

No halter this time though, right? Hair down for sure.