How about a wayback throwback even though it’s not Wednesday or Thursday?

Last year at the Critics’ Choice Awards, fresh off not being nominated for an Oscar, even after hiring an Oscar consultant and campaigning valiantly by wearing her hair up and going “serious”, Jennifer Aniston showed up at Critics’ Choice in a pantsuit, no bra, and a body chain. Remember

This year it’s Leonardo DiCaprio with the Oscar consultant (or more accurately, “every awards consultant known to man”) and the seriousness. With 12 nominations leading the way among all nominees, all those consultants have been worth the money so far. So maybe that’s the pro tip for Jen next time. Not just one Oscar consultant. But all of them.

As for her dress…

I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how this happened. I don’t understand the wilted ruffle across the chest. I don’t understand the appalling seam that’s running down the middle, and I definitely don’t understand why Jennifer Aniston chose a dress that was meant for a seat-filler. A SEAT-FILLER. It’s an abomination.