Vulture posted some Gossip Nostalgia yesterday that pretty much explains everything about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. It’s a video from 2003 featuring Kevin Smith and the cast of Daredevil. If you have time, you should watch the whole thing and – I think – you’ll find yourself relating to Colin Farrell who does probably the least amount of talking (because Ben is ALWAYS talking and if it’s not Ben it’s Kevin) and at times looks pained having to listen to these Hollywood narcissists indulge themselves about themselves.

Anyway, as Vulture points out, even though this went down while Ben was still engaged to JLO and she was still married to Jake from Scandal, Jennifer Garner is in love. And she’s ready to love Ben the way Ben needs, before he even knew what he needed. She waited. At times she’s his protector, through it all she’s his cheerleader, the most patient, the most understanding, the most tolerant. And that can’t be easy. Going by this 25 minute video alone, you know it can’t have been easy. This guy…this guy is so inside his own head.

Click here for the Vulture piece but again, if you have time at lunch today, definitely watch the whole thing.

Attached – Garner at the Alexander and ….The Bad Day (the title is TOO LONG!) premiere last night. I really need her to get rid of that fringe. I know she thinks she has a big forehead (which she mentions in the video) but she’s wrong. It’s a beautiful forehead. And this hair automatically takes down every look.