I loved Friday. I loved it so much because of Jennifer Garner. God that Vanity Fair article. Click here if you missed my post on it last week. She threw down a lesson in public scolding without getting your hands dirty.

Remember, I always did say she had the Amazing Amy in her. I've been saying it for almost three years. Click here and here for refreshers. And she's showing us her Amy at the best time. Oscar weekend and just a month before Ben opens Batfleck. So it's not like he can hide. Now every time he shows up somewhere for promotion in the next few weeks, I have one of her pull quotes ready to go. About this "truth". Or about his bad decisions. Or, "bless his little heart", about that f-cking phoenix on his back...while she's taking kissing selfies backstage at the Oscars.

A friendly presenter pairing, sure. But she'd never have done it before. And the Amazing Amy in her would know he'd see it. See her having a good time, see her as popular as she ever was, maybe more popular than she's ever been. While he has to wear the stain of being the idiot who cheated on her, repeatedly, and the guy in the mask and cape, judged by a million nerds.

This is why she was stomping down that carpet last night. I have never seen her so...swaggy? That's not a word I'd ever thought I'd associate with her but it's the only one that came to mind when I saw her. She was feeling herself. Really really feeling herself. She was posing like it was fun. Like she was a boss at it. It's too bad that being single hasn't fixed her style though. I wanted to yank her hair out and shake it loose and please, please why does she always have to dress like the former beauty queen who comes out of retirement to coach the new class of debutantes?