The new and final season of American Idol premieres tomorrow. Jennifer Lopez, as you know, is a judge. On Thursday night, her new TV show, Shades Of Blue, debuts on NBC. At the end of the month, she kicks off her residency in Las Vegas. It’s an all JLO January.

Shades Of Blue is definitely a showcase for JLO’s range. It reminds you of how great she was in Out Of Sight. There’s never, ever a bad shot of her, obviously, because she and Mimi have that in common. But she’s believable as a cop. She can move. She can nail a line. She’s natural in her scenes and it’s comfortable to watch her in them. But the plotting on Shades Of Blue needs a lot more work. Tuning in for JLO, if presumably that’s the draw, will wear off by the mid-point of the season and then the question becomes: do I care about these people? About their stories? Because, well, I can see JLO anywhere. It’s not like she hasn’t made herself available – see the first paragraph of this post.

Here’s JLO at Kimmel yesterday, arriving in a pale pink top and skirt, and leaving in a gold sequined jumpsuit which, I imagine, will basically be the uniform for her Vegas show. Do you have tickets? Are you going? I know a couple people who’ve planned a trip around it. I don’t care much for JLO’s music, but if the choreography’s anything like what she delivered at the American Music Awards, that’s probably going to be the highlight.

Oh and PS? Slum Bear Casper Smart was NOT the creative mind behind that. It was Parris Goebel. You know her from this and Step Up: All In. (Of course I’ve seen Step Up: All In. Why haven’t you?)