She’s on American Idol. She’s promoting American Idol at the TCAs (in a red skirt). She’s on morning television because The Boy Next Door is coming out on Friday. The reviews have been horrible. GOOD!

For those of us who are eagerly waiting for Friday to see it, we didn’t expect it to be quality filmmaking anyway. I want it to be bad. I want it to be funny-bad. I want to laugh when I’m supposed to be scared. I want to howl when he eats her cookies. Why is everyone missing the point?

Anyway, all of this is just a segue to a video I want to show you from American Idol auditions because it’s about the work being done at Covenant House sites all around the world. Hollywood Anderson didn’t have a chance. And this is the difference – in addition to the food, shelter, clothing, and care that Covenant House provides for young people at risk, Covenant house works with them to reclaim their lives. Few of them pursue anything as glamourous as a singing career. But all of them have the kind of support that Norm is giving this young man. For these kids, the impact of having someone believe you in and standing with you is enormous.

Click here to learn more about Covenant House and to find the one that is closest to you.

PS. If you are new to the site, I worked at Covenant House Vancouver before becoming a blogger. I remain committed to the organisation as a volunteer and a campaign consultant.