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Star Wars concludes (for now) in The Rise of Skywalker

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 18, 2019 21:26:15 December 18, 2019 21:26:15
Mike Marsland/ Dave J Hogan/ Neil Mockford/ Tristan Fewings/ Samir Hussein/ Getty Images

To follow a much-debated middle installment in a trilogy is a big task, and to wrap up a nine-film saga is a big task, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is better at one of those things than the other. As a conclusion to the “Skywalker Saga”, it is mostly satisfactory, tying to together all three trilogies in a way that isn’t really necessary but sort of works anyway. Full Story

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Show Your Work: America’s Got Gabrielle

Duana Posted by Duana at December 4, 2019 20:25:59 December 4, 2019 20:25:59
Rodin Eckenroth/ FilmMagic

If Lainey were writing this, she’d undoubtedly point out that some stories are gifts that keep giving or that gain momentum when you least expect it. It’s been a full week since the story broke that Gabrielle Union spoke up about various issues at America’s Got Talent – and was released from her contract Full Story

John’s love letter to Oscar 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 2, 2019 20:34:41 December 2, 2019 20:34:41
Backgrid, Adrian Edwards/ Gotham/ Cindy Ord/ Getty Images

As Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker gets ever closer and closer, we’re seeing some creative marketing at play. Not that the movie needs marketing, really. I mean, they’re going to make a f-ckload of money. The point, I guess, is to make ALL the money. So, yes, the standard ad campaigns are running but when you’re working with talent willing to use social media and create cute moments off of existing viral moments in support of the film, why not get that going too?  John Boyega and Oscar Isaac have developed a close bond, in front of and behind the camera over the last few years. Full Story

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Rey’s new lightsaber

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 26, 2019 15:29:33 August 26, 2019 15:29:33
Jesse Grant/ Alberto E Rodriguez/ Getty Images

Disney biennial fan convention, D23, happened over the weekend, and now the question is when Disney is just going to make this an annual event. This year felt like Comic-Con Part II, with an unending cycle of weekend news, including movies and TV shows that won’t be coming out for two or three years. Full Story

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Letitia Wright: Met’s little sister

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at May 8, 2018 09:50:57 May 8, 2018 09:50:57
Jamie McCarthy/ Karwai Tang / Roy Rochlin/ Dia Dipasupil/ Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

That feels unfair. Letitia Wright is 24 years old. She’s older than both Gigi and Bella Hadid and yet, she still feels like a little sister always. I was shipping Letitia Wright and Sebastian Stan for a hot second until Sarah yelled at me, as she does often, for not knowing that Shuri is supposed to be 16 years old (ish) in the comics and therefore, that’s gross. Full Story

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Pacific Rim: Uprising is charmingly dumb…sort of 

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 23, 2018 15:42:11 March 23, 2018 15:42:11
El Pics/ Getty Images

It’s like, the DUMBEST. Not that anyone was expecting any different. It’s a movie about robots punching monsters—it was only ever going to be dumb. Not even Guillermo del Toro and his sincerity could stop Pacific Rim from being dumb, so the sequel from a bunch of people who are not Guillermo del Toro definitely can’t stop Uprising from being dumb. Full Story

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John Boyega + puppies

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 22, 2018 15:51:46 March 22, 2018 15:51:46
Wenn, Frazer Harrison/ Kevin Winter/ Gabriel Olsen/ Allen Berezovsky/ Getty Images

This morning I got an email about John from a reader called Laura suggesting to me and Duana that we should talk about him on Show Your Work. I’m super into John Boyega. Ever since Attack The Block which, if you’ve never seen it, you should. I watched it one day while getting my nails done and I laughed so hard I f-cked up both hands, twice, and the polish had to be reapplied. Full Story

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Photo Assumption with Scott Eastwood and John Boyega 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at March 16, 2018 16:07:43 March 16, 2018 16:07:43
Wenn, Dave J Hogan/ Tim P Whitby/ David M Benett/ Ian West - PA Images/ Getty Images

Scott Eastwood and John Boyega are starring in Pacific Rim Uprising together and I thought the press tour would go one of two ways. One, Scott Eastwood’s perma-doucheness would infiltrate John Boyega’s general perfect ray-of-sunshine-ness or two, by some miracle, John Boyega would make Scott Eastwood somewhat likeable by proxy. Full Story

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the Star Wars for a generation

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 12, 2017 20:19:02 December 12, 2017 20:19:02
WENN, Stuart C. Wilson/ Getty Images

After an original trilogy, a prequel trilogy, a spin-off, and the first installment in a sequel trilogy, it didn’t seem that Star Wars could still surprise. They could create new creatures and amaze with effects, be they practical or elaborate CGI, and they could give us new versions of beloved archetypes, but after The Force Awakens re-hashed Episode IV Full Story

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Merely whelmed by The Last Jedi

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 10, 2017 15:20:30 October 10, 2017 15:20:30
Dia Dipasupil/ Getty Images

It’s a day for final trailers. Star Wars: The Last Jedi also released their final trailer, and it’s very red. Red, and all about Kylo Ren being the biggest bag of dicks in this or any other galaxy. My interest in The Last Jedi has waned with previous Full Story

We’re un-cancelling the apocalypse

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 6, 2017 18:31:22 October 6, 2017 18:31:22

New York Comic Con is going on right now—not quite San Diego Comic Con, but getting close—which means there are some new trailers dropping, including the first trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to Guillermo Del Toro’s “robots fight kaiju” movie, Pacific Rim. Full Story

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