The original JT. Because in this business, Justin Timberlake can’t be the only one with those initials. Before he sang and danced, there was John Travolta who sang and danced. And now John Travolta is on the set of his new movie The Forger in Boston working a new head of thick hair. It’s streaked with grey, sure, but look at those waves, look at that texture. It’s almost better than Bradley Cooper. And it’s giving old JT some swagger, non?

His hair is like his wingman now. He probably wants to take his wingman for a massage.

In other JT news, there is no news. Leah Remini keeps moving on, week by week, on Dancing With The Stars, practically giving the finger to the Church of Scientology every time she twirls, and they can’t do sh-t about it. They can’t send JT out on a publicity tour because, well, it’s hard enough to keep in line, given that he’s so busy being straight, and they can’t risk jeopardising Tom Cruise’s fragile hold on convincing us he’s not crazy. Xenu is impotent right now.