Last night was the Boston premiere of Black Mass. Black Mass opens this weekend. So does Sicario. Click here for Sarah’s review of Black Mass and click here for Joanna’s review of Sicario. Also click here for my thoughts on Sicario and Benicio Del Toro. My recommendation would be to go see Sicario first.

Here’s a question though: how many old man jackets does Johnny Depp own? I call this one his manila envelope blazer. Which he thinks is badass while the rest of us are wondering what the f-ck. Is she wondering what the f-ck?

Picture Him On Top Of You.

Do it. Don’t pretend it’s 10 years ago either. Open your eyes and look at him now and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Picture Him On Top Of You. Inside of you.

How did we get here? How did we get to the point where Johnny Depp is a Picture Him On Top Of You?

As for “never make eye contact” Amber and the drama that she brings into his life, sometimes he has to get away from it, hide from it. That’s a clue. But a source told me this week that he also gets off on it. Like that’s the kind of sh-t that makes him feel young, makes him feel wanted. Like of course she’s difficult – in his mind, beautiful, 25-ish women should be difficult. Otherwise they’d be boring. Otherwise he’d be boring. He hasn’t figured out yet that middle age clichés are boring?