Johnny Depp and Amber Heard left Australia yesterday – click here to see shots of them trying to avoid paps in their car on the way to their private jet. Earlier in the day, the Australian senate held a meeting to decide whether or not he would be charged for violating the quarantine when they snuck their dogs into the country a few weeks ago. It’s either that or a fine of $340,000. And they’re investigating the pilot too. As you can see, the Aussies do not f-ck around.

During the hearing it was revealed that Johnny’s dogs got busted because after being taken to the groomer, a picture showed up on social media. I f-cking love this. Because think of the trail of communication that had to happen there. Someone creeps this on Instagram. And someone else RATS HIM OUT to the government. You think this would have turned out differently if people actually liked him/them? I wrote last week – celebrities are coddled and protected all the time. Especially a major celebrity like Johnny Depp. So when they get sold out, the question is…why?

In other Depp news, a new trailer for Black Mass was released a couple of days ago. There’s less Joe Pesci here than there was in the previous teaser. They’re saying his performance as Whitey Bulger will earn him an Oscar nomination. Probably. The Academy loves gangsters. So do fraternity members.

Attached – Dakota Johnson, the only female who gets a credit in the trailer, in New York today.