Justified Season 4 Episode 11 recap

Dude. Spoilers.

I’m not scanning Ambiguously Gay Gutterson, but you know who I am (re)reading that way? Wynn Duffy. After his oddly tender moment with Raylan after the revelation of Arlo’s death and then the exchange between Duffy and his bodyguard, Mute Mike (seriously—I think that was the first time the guy said more than “yes sir”) about leaving the country, plus the sleep mask and Mute Mike’s silky robe…well suddenly I’m revisiting the fact that the one time Duffy physically threatened Raylan it was with rape (“I’ll ride you down like a teaser pony”, season 3).

And now, it’s time for ESCAPE FROM HARLAN COUNTY.

Over/under on the body count this episode? I say 6.

Oh my God. We are literally ONE MINUTE into this episode and it’s ALREADY AMAZING. The Marshals are at the Givens homestead, apparently pinned down by a hovering helicopter and Tim’s on guard duty, while Boyd is answering to Nicky Augustine who finally answers the question—where did Boyd get those fantastic veneers? Answer: In the Army.

“I love the way you talk, using forty words when four will do.” Boyd in a nutshell.

Boyd is getting his ass kicked, including losing one of those pretty teeth. And Duffy has run for the hills. Boyd is still insisting on his $500K for bagging Drew Thompson. Everyone in Harlan has giant brass balls.

Rachel calls Raylan’s home “the house that cocaine built”. They’ve got a helicopter on the way and a plan to drive Drew Thompson out in a convoy, while Boyd plots an ambush with Colt. So…Gutterson and Colt will finally throw down?

Gutterson leading the convoy: I’m having a full-blown PTSD episode.
Art: You have those a lot?
Gutterson: Only when I’m handling firearms in public.

Gutterson is a bitch even when he’s in Ranger-mode.

Raylan is still back at the house with Drew and Rachel, so the convoy is a decoy. Not a bad play, but I feel like Boyd will anticipate it. Also, Drew and Arlo met in Vietnam. That explains a lot about Arlo’s loyalty, actually.

I cannot handle how much I love that Gutterson calls Colt while he’s pinned down in the convoy, and then proceeds to frame their conversation as if he’s writing a thriller.

Colt: How about he goes into a bar, picks a fight with a bunch of Rangers and sends a couple to the hospital?
Gutterson: It’s not a fantasy.
I can’t capture how great Jacob Pitts’ line reading was right there, but this was my reaction, said out loud: GUTTERSON YOU SASSY PUNK BITCH.

Gutterson’s solution: Circle the wagons. LITERALLY.

The downside of Gutterson’s plan is that the convoy is revealed as a decoy when one of the other Marshals grabs Raylan’s hat.

There is a guy in Nicky Augustine’s crew named “Yolo”. Real name or obnoxiously timely nickname? Justified has a way of giving these throwaway background characters just enough quirkiness to make them pop.

Now the triad (Raylan, Rachel, Drew) are at Raylan’s old high school which is a rundown junkyard, basically. There’s a metaphor for Raylan’s childhood in there somewhere. Raylan and Drew are being very spiky.

CONSTABLE BOB! His motion sensors are dragging him into this mess. He’s ambushed at the Givens’ house by Yolo. Dun dun dunnn.

Gutterson is doing something. Plan unclear.

All of Nicky Augustine’s guys have weird names. Yolo, Picker.

Boyd susses out that Raylan is going to have the helicopter come to the abandoned high school because one time an astronaut landed a helicopter on the baseball diamond. This is the problem with warring with your childhood friends—they know all the same secrets and stories you do.

Yolo is, in fact, named after a Godd*mn meme.

Constable Bob is doing his best to hold up under torture. The song “Love Train” is playing the whole time, by the way.

The thing about this:
Yolo: You doing okay?
Constable Bob: No, not really.
Yolo: I didn’t think so.
Is that it’s actually really sincere and Yolo is weirdly likeable in that moment. You can tell, he really does like Constable Bob. But then he’s back to the torture.



So maybe Constable Bob really did beat the sh*t out of a kid in high school and put him in a coma, because damn, Constable Bob went straight up GANGSTA on Yolo right there.

And he didn’t give up Raylan.


But Nicky Augustine’s guys are headed to the high school. So the triad plus Constable Bob are on the move.

Rachel sees Constable Bob: Oh my God, what happened?
Raylan: What happened is Bob is a tough son of a bitch.


Okay, so Gutterson is making Molotov cocktails. Apparently he’s Macgyver.

Picker has no patience for Boyd and Raylan’s banter.

Lots of good angles in this episode. The DP is killing it.

Gutterson: I work hard and not one Godd*mn cigarette lighter that’s not being used to charge a cell phone and none of you smoke.

Gutterson has never had better dialogue. Also, he lit the Molotov cocktail using a cell phone and a jumper cable so he IS Macgyver. And under the cover of the giant explosion, the Marshals are back on the move.

Forget an episode—Gutterson needs his own show. It should be called “Gutterson: LIKE A F*CKING BOSS”.

Colton’s all, “OMG there’s Drew!” and Nicky Augustine’s shooter is like, “I don’t see him?” and then Colton goes, “Let me see,” and the dude actually gives Colt the gun, so he’s dead now.

Lesson: Do not hand guns to Colt. He’s two for two on killing people with their own guns.

Nicky Augustine is alone with Johnny Crowder and Ava. So…he’s dead, right?

Slow your roll, Nicky. Outright calling Ava a whore is a one-way ticket to your own death. He clearly has no idea that Ava gunned down her husband. Also, Nicky spills the beans on Johnny, who finally, when it is waaaay too late, confesses his love to Ava.

Back to the high school. Picker forces Boyd to go through the principal’s office (of COURSE) door first. Drew and Rachel are gone.

Raylan: People underestimate Bob at their own peril.


The cavalry is coming and with Drew gone, Boyd bugs out, followed by Picker and his crew. So, it was the under, with only two dead (so long Yolo), and Gutterson and Colt still haven’t faced off. And now Ava knows about Johnny Crowder being a turncoat.

Where did Drew go? Constable Bob put him and Rachel on the coal train.


Raylan’s body count so far: 2/17
Instances of Constable Bob being a total badass: 3
Instances of Gutterson being a punk-ass bitch: Numerous