So… if you’re threatening to sue people for publishing pictures of your penis and violating your privacy (click here for a refresher), should your dad be tweeting about how proud he is of your penis?

Jeremy Bieber is Justin Bieber’s father. This is what he tweeted this morning:

Some people think it’s unfair what happened to JB. That he should be able to go on holiday in Bora Bora and walk around naked and not have us finding out a few days later what his cock looks like. Well, clearly his dad isn’t all that outraged about it. In fact, his dad is not only not outraged, he’s boasty. This, evidently, is one of the highlights of his fatherhood. So, you know, if dad isn’t mad on his son’s behalf, should you be? I mean about the fact that you’ve met his dick, not, you know, that his father is clearly a model parent.