Kate, Minka…and Chace?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 5, 2009 08:02:37 November 5, 2009 08:02:37

The Yankees celebrated their World Series victory last night at 1Oak and their WAGs were invited. All the ladies, and Chace Crawford too. Because he’s, like, so totally into sports.


Chace is barely qualified to hold Matsui’s bat.

Still… a man party is a man party and Chace has man bangs he wants to show off.

Guest of honour? In my books, of course it’s Manslinger. Manslinger’s Magic resulted in ARod’s impressive performance in the post-season. He’s been criticised in the past for disappearing in the post season. This year in the post season he was focused, clutch, and extremely unselfish. Wha??? ARod unselfish???

Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson the manslinging angel arrived with ARod, his mom, and his sister and her dad Kurt Russell was there too. As for ARod’s Beckham factor – yes, thank you for your emails, I agree. He’s alright looking, I guess. But hearing him speak will kill your quiver. KILL IT. Becks can get away with it, for me, because he’s way hotter. But ARod and his ego and then that squeaky little peep? No thank you.

Derek Jeter?


For years, Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter showed up with Minka Kelly, one of the Core Four, as they called it, the Yankees captain finally tasting another victory after 10 years. And Lyla Garrity gets to go home with him. So she dated Taylor Kitsch and shares an apartment with Derek Jeter. Bitch.


Had no idea AJ Burnett was a douche. He’d have to be a douche, non? If he’s not a douche well then he dresses like a douche and he shades like a douche too. Some people should just walk around in their uniforms.

Photos from Turgeon/Rocke/Perez/Splashnewsonline.com

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