Earlier this week, Lainey wrote about Lily-Rose Depp’s arrival on the scene. Or rather, she’s decided to take her place. Because there was a seat waiting for her, as there usually is for children of certain celebrities.

Kate Hudson is, much like Lily-Rose and Dakota Johnson, and Drew, and Gwyneth, born into the business. Her mother and (for all intents and purposes) father are well known, well liked and just a hell of a lot of fun.

When Willow and Jaden Smith started working, people accused the Smiths of being like Dina Lohan, the opportunistic stage parents, pushing their children into the spotlight. Jada’s answer to this was the same over and over: the normal rules don’t apply to us because we don’t care if our children ever make a dime. Our children’s work will never support our family. Our children’s work won’t benefit us in any way. That’s the distinction, whether it’s justifiable or not, as to why celebrity children can enter the business and not be plagued with the same hungriness as other young actors and actresses. Because they don’t need to do it, and if they don’t want to, or if it doesn’t work out, they can move onto something else and why would that ever be a problem?

As we know, it did work out for Kate, very well. She has a sunny reputation, and doesn’t get bogged down with the “privileged” label, even though she’s as privileged as any of them. Maybe more so. I think she’s one of the few who could rival Gwyneth’s access to… everything. And she’s someone who seems so likable but not at all concerned with being liked. It’s probably because she wouldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like her, you know?

So, we have a blonde, 30-something actress with a controversial athleisure line. What’s next? Lifestyle, obviously. I’m surprised it took this long. She was conscious uncoupling with her first husband (a musician, too!) before Gwyneth had even thought of it. In a new interview with Allure, Kate says she will be writing a book about throwing perfection out the window and doing it your own way. Your own way = with her advice, obviously. She will talk about things that worked for her and how she chooses to be happy. So her brand will be happiness, I guess?

Fabletics is doing well, and looking at Kate and her incredible form, it’s easy to see where she wants to go with this book: exercise, happy, friends, group workouts, cute leggings, meditation, and margaritas.

Cameron Diaz already did a body book about poo and drinking water, and Kate doesn’t seem that interested in going full-on Goop. But Drew has wine and sunglasses and make-up, so what does that leave Kate? The cool girl who exercises. But eats nachos. Because, according to the excerpt in Allure, you don’t need 2 hours a day to look like her. Maybe 20 minutes a day. AS IF. Look, Tracy Anderson may be a pill but at least she doesn’t misrepresent the work. Neither does Gwyneth. Working hard to feel your best – and to look like Kate – doesn’t take 20 minutes a day.

Putting that nonsense “relatability” attempt aside, I don’t doubt that Kate is legitimately happy with her life and her choices and her family and her career, but it’s hard to take someone seriously when they were choppered onto a mountain and asked to climb the last few feet to the peak. Yes, she got to the top, but was there any real doubt she would? Weren’t her life circumstances conducive to her being exactly where she is?

Increasingly, we are seeing target markets cool on lifestyle endeavors that are flooding the market. It could be blonde actress ennui, or maybe it’s cynicism setting in. The door is still open for her – like it always has been – but I don’t know if Goop, Preserve, Draper James et al. have taken up too much air already. I don’t know how much of a wave she can make at this point.

But you know what would be fun? A Kate Hudson dating book. She has an interesting dating life. Can she write that instead?

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