That is not a euphemism for anything, although I wish it was. Starting with this today because a reader called Cecile sent it over and she’s right in that even though it’s not super insidery dirty gossip, it’s one of those insightful little stories that also spins off so many follow-up questions.

Kirsten Dunst is currently promoting Midnight Special (Sarah’s review of the film will best posted next) and when she was on Graham Norton he asked her about working with Tom Cruise on Interview With The Vampire and whether or not they stay in touch. Here’s her response:

Cruise Cake!

It’s an endearing little gesture, non? Or maybe not?

Is Kiki Dunst the only person who gets Cruise Cake? I feel like the answer is no. I feel like there’s a Cruise Cake List. And now I want to know who else is on it. How is the Cruise Cake List managed? Does he do it himself? Does he walk around like Truman Capote with his little black book for the infamous Black & White Ball, cackling about someone who got a cake last year but won’t get a cake this year? For sure Emily Blunt gets a Cruise Cake. And Paula Patton. Does Jeremy Renner get one though? Leah Remini definitely not. But if she used to, who’s getting her Cruise Cake now? Julianne Hough, probably.