Kirsten Dunst got emotional at the world premiere of The Beguiled in Cannes last night, and shed a happy tear or two while walking the red carpet... just like she said she would minutes earlier. She’s back at the festival a year after serving on the jury, this time earning raves for work in her fourth collaboration with her friend Sofia Coppola. Oh, and she's on a love tour too.

Last year, Kiki was fresh off her split from Garrett Hedlund with whom she walked the carpet back in 2012 for On the Road. This time she brought fiancé Jesse Plemons to the premiere. The first photos of them together came out about a year ago on Memorial Day weekend. Unlike Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, their PDA wasn’t front and centre on the carpet. Instead, just like what they did at the Oscars, Kiki and Landry really played it cool - and in this video of the film's four-plus minute standing ovation, you can see him sitting right behind her. In fact, he's one of the first people Kiki faces to smile at about the film's reception. Start at about the 0:10 mark. At around 10:51, you can see them make their way to their car and smile for the photogs waiting for them at the exit. I love their couple style. They're not super in your face, but they're also not too precious to avoid supporting each other's work.

But let's go back to Kiki's tears.

According to Sofia Coppola, the Cannes premiere of The Beguiled marked the "first time the actors [would be] seeing it finished." When Kiki arrived, she was asked about what makes a premiere with Sofia different from her other Cannes experiences, including winning the Best Actress prize back in 2011 for Melancholia.

"It's magical! I kind of get a little teary-eyed because of our history together. ... She's the same person and so am I, we've just grown up together and now we're very good friends."

And now they’re repping a movie that’s getting a ton of great buzz. If you look past The Mummy (which I still want to see), could The Beguiled and #VengefulBitches be the remake we deserve this summer? Critics ranged from dubbing it a "straight-up masterpiece" / it "f---ing rules," to a "Cannes rarity - a film I wish would go on for longer," to a "gorgeously shot battle of [the] sexes led by formidable trio of Kidman, Dunst and [Colin] Farrell." Some liked it less, but according to The Independent, it's Sofia's best-received film since Lost in Translation, and Kiki's being singled out as one of the breakout performances, if not the breakout performance – if you can call someone with a 20 year career in Hollywood a “breakout”.


Of course it's early, but perhaps this is the start of Kiki's back-to-back awards season tour. Last year, she was supporting Hidden Figures, but in 2017 (and technically 2018), could it be her turn in the spotlight? How soon is too soon to suggest her work may be Oscar-worthy? What if she (or Sofia) wins another prize from the Cannes jury? And how much fun will it be to see how Kiki and Landry celebrate while on an awards season run? Can it be June 23rd yet?

PS: I'm sneaking this lame film pun thread here to bump up Lainey's secondhand embarrassment at my fangirling.