Kristen Stewart collected her Best Supporting Actress award from the New York Film Critics Circle yesterday for her performance in Clouds Of Sils Maria. Her friend and co-star Julianne Moore presented to her. On stage, Kristen kept her remarks short, but cheeky:

“I’ve received a lot of MTV Popcorns and stuff like that. This is a little different.”

Cute, right?

She went on to talk about how much she loved the film for being “thoughtful and quiet and kind of diagonal and not extreme in any way” and how surprised she was to be honoured because Clouds “came out a year ago. This is nuts”.

But also fortuitously timed. New York is not the only critics association, however, to recognise Kristen’s work. And, as previously mentioned, Oscar voters are thinking about nominations this week, deadline Friday. So… will Kristen be called by Oscar for the first time in her career? Definitely an outside chance. She’d have a better chance if Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara were being considered in the Best Category. But the studios have successfully submitted them to the Academy in Supporting. That takes up two spots. Quentin Tarantino’s films almost always receive nominations for actors in the supporting roles, so Jennifer Jason Leigh looks like a stronger option right now. Kate Winslet is hustling – she showed up in Palm Springs this weekend – and you know how the Academy feels about Helen Mirren, so experts seem to think that both of those actors are in a stronger position. Then there’s Rachel McAdams. Spotlight, right now, is the film to beat for Best Picture. And while I love Rachel, I’m not sure she was more of a standout among her castmates, but her SAG nomination would give her a slight edge over Oscar.

If Kristen's name is called then, she’d be coming in as a dark horse. Which is kinda where she likes to be.